What is the Baigene Method?

  • We analyze what differentiates you (Genetics) in factors related to YOUR sport, such as the risk of injury, fatigue, recovery, type of fibers, assimilation of nutrients, supplementation, etc.
  • When we know what you are DIFFERENT, we are prepared to design a customization as you had never imagined. The report is composed of: Genetic Report where you will know what makes you different and the Applied Report where you will see how to apply that information to YOUR training and your nutrition to achieve your target.
  • At 3-4 weeks of design we send you the encrypted report with maximum security and we offer you FREE:

    • Direct explanation by chat during 60 minutes
    • doubts and questions during 30 days
  • You want to see an example of a report “DEMO”, fill in the following form and we will send it to you instantly.




When buying a BAIGENE Method® You will receive, in a few days and in the place you indicate, the Baigene BOX to sampling. In it, you will find everything necessary to perform it, as well as detailed instructions to guide you through each step.

Sample Collection


Once you collect your saliva sample, a messenger will arrive at the place you indicate so that you send your sample back to BAIGENE®.

Results sending


After a few weeks you will receive your information digitally. In your report you will find all the information referring to your genetic results and recommended guidelines according to your genetics, which will allow you, from the first moment, to adapt your training and nutrition in a totally personalized way.

Enjoy it!


Practice your favorite sport in an optimal and healthy way!
Maximize your performance, minimize your injuries!

If you have already done a Baigene Method for a specific sport, and you want to change to another, you have many advantages, Contact us

Welcome to the Baigene Universe

Welcome to the Baigene Universe

  • Specific sports genetics analyzes performed by DOCTORS in Genetics, Sports, Nutrition and Medicine in the company withmore experience of EUROPE, more than 5 years. See R & D team.
  • We have always worked for PROFESSIONAL athletes and since 2016 also for the AMATEURS, FEEL LIKE A PROFESSIONAL!!
  • In addition many trainers and nutritionists already use the Baigene Method to get the most out of their clients. We can work together.


  • Unlike other companies, the Baigene Method not only provides you with your genetic information but also offers you the information APPLIED to your specific sport, so that you can CUSTOMIZE your training and nutrition as much as possible.
  • We take into account your genetics and part of the variables that surround you to customize your strategy to the maximum.
  • We give you your report in a secure way in a confidential pdf and also a summary with the keys in our SECURE application “Baigene Universe”
  • FREE: 30 minutes of chat explanation of your report.
  • FREE: first 30 days of follow-up for questions.
  • Scientific rigor in the processing of your dataSee compromise security.

Do you have a coach and / or nutritionist?

  • YES: we take care of explaining the keys of your Genetics so that you can apply it easily.
  • NO: we explain to you how to apply this information.


Amateurs and Professionals tell us their experience


“I have recommended to many of my colleagues thisCUSTOMIZATION servicewith very extensive information about myself. ”

Lourdes, Amateur Runner

“The information applied has been very useful and I would recommend Baigene to the amateur runners to get to know each other much better and not commit atrocities.

Eugenio, Amateur Runner
Testimonio sobre las ventajas de un aficionado a Running del Método Baigene

“The information and the recommendation of exercises to compensate for the weak points IS VERY USEFUL.”

Iñigo Varona, Amateur Runner


“The applied information that gives is essential for anyone who starts in this sport does not make mistakes. </ Strong>”

Martin Fiz, Marathon World Champion

“The PERSONALIZATION that BAIGENE offers you in exercises, workouts, and much more is amazing.”

Iván Fernández, European Champion

“Everything is very simple , and it will allow me to personalize many more aspects.”

Maite Maiora, World Champion Trail Marathon


“The information applied is very useful and I have recommended it to many friends to do it too. It is perfectly understood and explained in a very easy way to apply, I would pay again until the last euro because it has very useful result.”

Christian, Amateur Road Cyclist

“The information is superinteresting to know many keys about my meals, to be stronger in stages with the companions and in the end to do the sport that I like in a way more safe and HEALTHY.</Strong >”

Miguel, Ciclist + 65


“The service you can do only once in your life and you have a huge amount of information about yourself applied to customize the sport you practice.”

Joseba Beloki, 2º Tour France

“I would recommend this test to all professional or amateur cyclists.” Thanks to Baigene, I discovered things about my body that I did not know about and helped me to progress this year.

Aitor Hernandez, Spain Champion Ciclo-Cross


“With this information I started to train and eat as I really should , and not as they say in other general sites on the internet, the change has been radical.”

Iñaki, Triathlet


Baigene is tremendously useful </ strong>, first to know yourself and, secondly, to know how to improve in training , strengthening, feeding, etc. The amount paid seems to me in accordance, because you have to take into account the added value of the keys that are given in the training and feeding recommendations. “

Raúl Perez, Triathlet


“Baigene offers information keys to know in depth </ strong> the tennis player, thus being able to optimize the training and customize work sessions, recovery and nutritional habits .”

Tomy Arias, Tennis Director en WGTA


“With Baigene I’m going to do a better directed and intelligent work .” Baigene is a great tool. ”

Carlos Boluda, Circuito ATP player


“Knowing you through the Baigene Method is a great advantage and a leap of quality in the overall performance of the athlete, not only to play better but to make it HEALTHIER FORM.

Jonatan, Amateur Paddle Player


“From amateur to professional, everyone should use Baigene to perform at their best and in the best way.”

Juan Martin, 13 years # 1st World player in World Paddel Tour


“I am delighted with the BaiGene Integral Genetic Service </ strong>, Everything you want (nutrition, complementary work etc …) personalized.”

“It’s been a pleasure to work with you. Great professionals.

Baigene information

Every professional that appears in this section has given their consent and approval to upload their testimony, since the Baigene Service is routinely Totally Confidential.